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Welcome to unionlearn’s Higher Learning at Work website. This site will be useful to you if you are a union member or a rep, an adviser of working people on pathways and routes into higher education (HE), a working adult or an apprentice interested in progressing to higher learning.

In addition to unionlearn resources it contains a legacy of invaluable information provided by fdf (Foundation Degree Forward) for those advising and supporting work-based learners. 

Climbing Frame

Climbing FrameThis is a free website for union learning reps (ULRs) to help them in their role of supporting learners in the workplace.

Free Resources

Download or order a range of publications to help you in the workplace

Case Studies

Case studies that outline the experiences of learners who have taken part in higher level learning.

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New Publication

Progression pathways for all trade union reps
Progression pathways for all trade union reps

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