Sector Skills Councils

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs)Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) make labour market information (LMI) available to advisers. LMI is at the heart of effective careers advice. It is not possible to help people to find or change jobs, or progress their careers without an awareness and understanding of the labour market.
SSCs also produce resources to help people to develop careers within the sector they represent. These may include job profiles, leaflets about routes and pathways and links to careers services who can advise individuals. This is in addition to the SSC’s responsibility for developing occupational standards and qualifications.

Alliance Sector Skills CouncilsThe SSCs have a general website. There is a link on the home page to the Contact Directory for 22 SSCs. If you follow the link to an SSC website you will find that they all have careers pages, and in some cases separate websites for careers information.

You can also find job market information produced by the SSCs on a simple form on the National Careers Service website.

You can find more detailed LMI for all sectors on the National Guidance Research Forum. On this site there is also an LMI learning module for advisers.

You can also read two briefing sheets about LMI:

One of unionlearn’s priorities is to support union involvement in the work of SSCs. Read more about unionlearn’s work with SSCs.

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